Meet the Duo

I am a passionate observer. My favorite moments to capture are the unexpected yet ordinary in-between moments.

Together, we have over 8 years of combined experience. We pinch ourselves on the reg. This job is really a dream come true thanks to bad ass people like you! We get it, we are in a similar stage in our life. Planning a wedding is stressful. Getting your photos taken sounds awkward. We want to take the guesswork out of every moment of your day. Less stress during the planning process will make you feel confidant and empowered on your wedding day. One of the perks of having two photographers, (other then having double the fun) is having double the coverage and more efficient timeliness. We tag-team every moment of the day!

Cassidy Winsor

This job is my whole heart. There is genuinely nothing I love more than photographing couples love stories.

Our Beliefs

We love the idea of boots under a wedding gown, hiking to reach the sunrise, and dancing in the rain. We like to break out of the cookie cutter locations and find something really unique for every couple. Throw Pinterest and Instagram standards out of the window. We want to capture what makes you unique.

Its easy to get swept away in all the stress of planning a wedding. We appreciate couples who care more about each other than their wedding day. We have had brides march through a freezing snowy city in a strapless wedding gown to reach their groom faster. We love weddings that are boiled down to two people committing their lives to one another and the rest could fade away.

We don’t just want to show up , take pictures, deliver them, and never speak with you again. We absolutely LOVE getting to know our couples, spending time with them, and really understanding one another. We want to hang out, get wine, and look through your photos even after they are delivered. We hate the “vendor”-“client” vibe. We want lasting friendships and trust.

We are passionate about supporting the LGBTQ community and will continue to work with couples of all backgrounds. 

We take our jobs seriously. Besides cellphone photos taken by guests, our photos will be one of the very few tangible memories remaining after the wedding day. That is why we strive to capture every little detail and in between moments you might miss.

One of the things that brought us together was our passion for travel. We want to see the world and document it through the lens of your love story. We aren’t afraid of waking up at 5 am to hike to the perfect sunrise. We love the idea of getting our shoes dirty roaming through the forest landscapes.

NEVER FORGETTING WHO WAS WITH YOU FROM THE START Intimacy is so important to us. We want your wedding day to be filled with people who you love and are invested in you. People who have been there for you through the highs and lows. Not guests who only know whats going on in your lives from a Facebook status.