Bri & Harrison

We were BLOWN AWAY…… their positive energy, fun personalities and passion for capturing moments was astonishing. As the wedding closer approached, they were on top of everything making sure they knew and had everything they needed to make the day great. When the day finally came, Cassidy and Ty were such a fun burst of energy and made everyone feel so comfortable, it felt like we had known them for years. We received our photos in the most adorable way possible. Looking at the pictures that were taken of our day filled my heart with joy and brought tears to my eyes. The both of them have an amazing gift when it comes to capturing moments, some that I never thought I would get to see. We are IN LOVE with our photos.

Katie & Jackson

Cass and Ty are the sweetest people  you will meet on the planet. They made me and my husband feel so comfortable for both our engagement and wedding pictures, even though we hadn't met them before we asked them to take our pictures. We were able to get the most amazing, candid pictures because they really could capture us and our love. I knew I could completely trust them to take the pictures for the biggest day of my life. I'm forever thankful for them and the amazing photos they took for us.

Val & Brad

Cassidy and Ty exceeded every expectation we had for photographers. They treated us as friends and never for a second did we feel uncomfortable. It was just like any totally goofy get together you’d have with your closest buddies! Our wedding day would not have gone as smoothly and efficiently without Cass and Ty. They had so much professionalism and class that even made the dreaded family group photos bearable (haha). Their photos displayed so much detail and passion, even right down to the editing. I could not recommend them enough, our photos are something we’ll cherish and love forever.

Bri & Nick

Cass & Ty are two of the most humble, down to earth, genuine, and adorable people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Standing in front of the lens of their camera is such a privilege. Our photos are nothing shy of magical & my heart will skip a beat looking at them for the rest of my life. & while our pictures are certainly incredibly, I cannot say enough about the experience altogether. My husband & I laughed with them, they snuggled our pups, we made plans for the future and reflected on the paths of our pasts, and they truly invested in us as people--not just as customers. We couldn't have asked for anyone bette


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