Lets peace out of here

We don’t love elopements simply for the beautiful backdrops and dreamy landscapes. We love them because they offer the simplicity, deeper connection, and a laid-back atmosphere that lets you shine. Below you will see several locations we have always dreamed of traveling to. Don’t see your dream location below? Let us know where you’re wanting to travel, we would love to adventure with you.

The Rock of Cashel (or any Castle, duh!)

Chateau Le Mont Epinguet
Normany, France

Antelope Canyon

Great Sand Dunes National Park


Isle of Skye, Scotland

Lake Louise, Canada

Santorini, Greece

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Will I need an officiant?

This depends on where you want to get married. States such as Wisconsin, Colorado, The District of Columbia, California, Maine and Nevada are all states where you just need the proper paperwork to say "I Do!"

How can I save the most money on flights?

BOOK EARLY! As soon as you decide when and where you want to elope, lets book those flight baby. January, September, and February are oftentimes the cheapest months to fly in.

Will I be saving Money if I elope?

First of all, saving money is not necessarily the point. Intimacy, exploration, and uniqueness is the reason. Saving cost is only a potential added bonus! According to The Knot, the average wedding cost is $35,00 while a destination wedding is approximately $28,000. Think of all the pizza you could buy with all that extra money.

Should I stay at a resort?

Did you know certain resorts don’t allow or significantly upcharge to bring your own photographer? They want you to use their local photographer. We can help you pick your venue and accommodations within your budget to make sure we don't get in trouble for breaking the rules.

I want to elope, but I also want to celebrate with my family. How can I do both?

Be prepared. Someones feelings will get hurt. I mean who doesn't love free alcohol and a change to break out their glory day dance moves during a reception? Keep in mind, your wedding day is sacred, unique, and personal. Your wedding day is about the two of you. It’s perfectly acceptable to elope for your ceremony and still hold a reception with your friends and family. You can even register for gifts after you elope. Do things your own way!

How does obtaining a marriage license work when eloping?

We can help you research and find information about laws when getting married in a different country if you know you want to obtain your marriage license there. However, there is no law that says you can't get your marriage license in your home state and have your elopement before or after. We want your day to be free of any worry with no red tape to jump through! Did you know applying for, receiving, and using your marriage license is different depending on the state and country? Other locations have residency rules to be legally married. Don't be afraid to do things your own way - already having your marriage license own make your elopement any less meaningful!