we are so STINKIN' excited to get to know you!

Here is the thing, we love what we do. More than we love drinking coffee,  eating chipotle, and watching marvel movies. We'd dare to say we love what we do even more than than sleeping in on rainy saturday mornings (GASP!).  There are very few things in life that we'd rather be doing than photographing weddings.  We don't do this job for the income, the Instagram likes, or The Knot badges. We do this job because we are wholeheartedly in love with documenting love in motion. Every detail. Every glance. Every grasp of the hand. Every kiss on the forehead. In our opinion, those little moments are what make a wedding special and we want to preserve them for ever. 

When you fill out the form below it pops right into our inbox and get our butterflies going because we love every opportunity to meet new couples. We are going to send you our "Wedding Welcome packet." As you read it, you'll learn more about how we operate as photographers. This packet will go into detail on our different wedding packages. Additionally, we include content such as engagement session details (what to wear, what time of day we will be shooting, and what to bring), a sample of a Wedding Timeline, and a few of our preferred vendors. 

After you look over the welcome packet, we'd love to get to know the two of you better! We will set up a time to sip come coffee with you in person or over Facetime/Skype.  We do our best to take away any awkwardness or stress that can come with Pre-Consultation meetings. All your questions will be answered with complete honesty. 



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Traveling worldwide

WEDDINGs STARTING AT $1950 + ELOPEMENTS STARTING AT $1,500 + ENGAGEMENTS sessions STARTING AT $350 + Having THE PERFECT time getting your photos taken $priceless


We will keep our finger crossed and hope to hear from you soon


Hey, hey! We are so glad that you landed here today. This message is only the start of what we hope will be a lasting friendship between us. We want you to tell us more than just the basics (venue, date, budget).Tell us about your partner. We want to know WHY you are so exited to spend the rest of your life with them! What about them makes you melt?  We want to know HOW you met.  We read every last word of this message and thrive off of the goodness that you share with us.  There is no way to express just how thrilled we are to get to know you. 

Ty and I are both full time students, dog parents, foodies, and lovers of Netflix as well as being full time photographers. If you do not hear back from us by the end of the week, please feel free to send us another email!  It is really important to us that you feel valued and taken care of. Sometimes emails get lost in the shuffle of things and we don't want you to think we are ignoring what you have to say.