Bri + Nick // Kansas City Union Station and Liberty Memorial

YOU GUYS! We feel so lucky to be photographers. Meeting Bri and Nick was one of those days where we take a step back and think to ourselves, how can we be THAT lucky — We get to be a part of this amazing couple’s lives?! And document such real, energetic love!? What a freaking gift. From the moment we pulled up to Union station saying to one another “oh my god I hope that’s them, they are so cute,” to the last moment we said goodbye, we could not stop smiling. Their love for one another, if its not obvious by their photos, is radiant and overflowing. We simply could not get enough of these two and will forever be posting, talking about, thinking about, and wanting more of them in our lives. Their little fur babies were just the icing on the cake and we cannot wait to see them again as soon as possible!

Cassidy Winsor