Kat + Riley + Shyann // Body Positive Galentines Day

We want to talk about something deeply personal. Hang tight till the end, because I promise this story has a happy ending. We are awful about being vulnerable and honest with how we are truly feeling, even to the people closest to us. We’ve become professionals at hiding, pretending, and coping. It’s so easy for us to stay at home, not reply to texts, and isolate ourselves unless it’s for work (which we absolutely love and are so thankful for).  But I know If we are hurting in silence, then others must be too. 

We want to talk about depression and body dysmorphia (BDD). We want to give our feelings a voice. We want to allow ourselves to be truly raw and honest. Our personal experiences with depression and BDD are very different, but both started from a young age.  We have individually, and as a couple tried multiple different therapies such as yoga, meditation, prayer, supplements, counseling, and medication. No matter how much sleep we get, how active we are, or what we put into our bodies, our core feelings are still restless at times 

Sometime we look in the mirror, and find it hard to love the person starting back. We both find it strange that the reflection that we see often times isn’t the body we actually have but one our mind create for us. Some days that can be a good thing, other days a bad thing. The hardest part of all of this is that each day is a new challenge and brings with it a new reflection in that mirror. It’s hard to imagine a future where we can look at our selves and appreciate what we are looking at, but the hope is that day by day we will find something new to love about our bodies instead of something to hate. This is a journey of self discovery and self love that is most definitely not a one way street. If you can prepare yourself for the bad days and let yourself be surprised by the good ones, then maybe that’s the path that we can try to follow. 

Just remember, who ever you are reading this, that you are not alone. You are beautiful in your very own way. Big or small, short or tall, sad or happy, there is always something about you that is making someone, somewhere smile. So, if you can’t be nice to yourself today, that just means you are saving up for the next day. 

Love always,

Cass and Ty

A Huge thank you to these beautiful REAL women and makeup artists: @katelynjeskee (@kaatmilla) , Riley Maycock, and Shyann Chitty. The world needs more of your good vibes and openness.

Location: Bluemont Hotel

Cassidy Winsor