Cass + Ty // New Years in the Mountains

New Year, New Us. We took a leap of faith together. Packed up our car for our first road trip and hit the mountains with a surprise trip for Cass’s birthday. She had no idea what I was planning but one thing she always said to me was “take me to the mountains” whenever I asked her where she wanted to go. Little did she know I had a plan to take her to one of the most famous mountains in the US. Pikes peak, what a journey. We stood on a frozen lake with ice 6 inches thick, it took a little convincing, but I got her out there with me in no time. After that we powered through and made it to the top, It really feels like the top of the world once you are that high. Ignore the fact that both of us were struggling to breath that high up but we got some killer photos without a tripod! Queue our now signature move that we love having our couples do. It’s simple really, give her a big hug, wrap your arms around her nice and tight, and she just lifts her legs and plants a big kiss on you!

Cassidy Winsor