Bri + Harrison // Union Horse Distillery Wedding

Whiskey and the smell of oak barrels were in the air for Bri and Harrison’s wedding. The behind the scenes photos of our dreams, getting the chance to photograph at a whiskey distillery is on everyone’s bucket list. Between hand written notes that made both the Bride and Groom cry in front of their closest friends. Even the boys couldn’t joke, Bri’s letter was just so endearing. Not to mention the indescribable look in their eyes when seeing one another for the first time, Harrison of course flashing his KU dress socks! Harrison got to live out his “Madmen” fantasy on a swank leather couch surrounded by whiskey barrels, complimentary glass of prime whiskey on the house! Talk about a classic look, Bri and Harrison took us back to the 1930’s with their location. At the end of the day, it all came back to that look, out of the corner of Bri’s eyes that screams “I love you” without saying a word.

Cassidy Winsor