Rachel + Colby // Lakehouse Sunset Swim

Rachel and Colby are two of my all time favorite people on this earth. I have known Rachel since our awkward days in middle school. She has gone through all my toughest moments in life with me. She's held my hand.  She's gone to the doctor with me. She's literally punched boys in the face for me. Not to mention,  she started her own bakery (Wakadoos! Go check it out, its crazy good) and fills me full of amazing goodies. 

To watch her fall in love has been the biggest honor. They give me goose bumps. When I see them together, I often hold back tears. I couldn't have picked someone better for her even if I wanted to. Their hearts just get one another. They are adventurous, strong, and uplifting. I can't wait continue documenting their love story. 

I love you both times a million.